B-cap: The press talks about our innovation

It is no secret that 2019 is a crucial year for ecological fight. 2019 is also an important year for B-CAP.

On April 5th, B-CAP organized a press conference in its office. B-CAP presented its eco-responsible packaging solutions to the Belgian national and regional media. In a pivotal year in ecological fight, the B-CAP capsules aroused curiosity and attracted the attention of the present audience.

B-CAP was also present at the Pro Durable Salon on April 9 to present its refill capsules to an audience sensitive to ecological issues. It was an opportunity to present all the ecological advantages of the B-CAP capsules but also to show how easy they are to use.

Following these two events, several media and reference websites talked about B-CAP.

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Press Articles

Different newspapers and news sites attended the presentation of the different B-CAP solutions and products and relayed all this information via press articles and presentation videos.




  • Le Soir

Discover the Le Soir article about B-CAP: https://plus.lesoir.be/B-CAP

Discover the Newspaper full version of the Le Soir article about B-CAP  : Le Soir – Newspaper full version of the B-Cap article


  • La Libre Belgique

Discover the La Libre Belgique article about B-CAP: https://www.lalibre.be/B-CAP


  • La Dernière Heure

Discover the DH article about B-CAP: https://www.dhnet.be/B-CAP


  • CanalZ – Le Vif

Discover the Canal Z article about B-CAP: https://canalz.levif.be/B-CAP

Discover the Kanaal Z article about B-CAP: https://kanaalz.knack.be/B-CAP


  • L’Avenir

Discover the L’Avenir article about B-CAP: https://www.lavenir.net/B-CAP


  • La Capitale / La Province

Discover the La Capitale / La Province article about B-CAP: https://www.laprovince.be/B-CAP


  • Wallonia.be

Discover the Wallonia.be article about B-CAP: http://www.wallonia.be/B-CAP



TV Interview

  • Télé MB

Discover the B-CAP TV interview on Télé MB : https://www.telemb.be/B-CAP


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