The BEST Eco REFILL Solution
for CONCENTRATED products

We support you in your sustainable transition

sustainable refill packaging

To date, B-CAP has already REDUCED


plastic bottles


kg plastic


kg CO2


liters of water transported

RETHINK the packaging


Reduce plastic

Reduce transport

Reduce CO2 footprint

Reduce energy

- 80%


Refill water in your empty bottle at‑home, twist an Eco Refill B-CAP® to release a concentrated solution, and do yourself a new product. By diluting at home , 95% less water is transported and 80% fewer trucks are needed.

Refill bottle at-home step1
Refill bottle at-home step2
Refill packaging at-home step3
Refill cap at-home step4
Refill bottle at-home step5

B-CAP® world leader in patented Eco Refill at‑home


Child Resistance Certified

Patented Technology

Pharma ISO 8871-5 Certified

B-CAP® for
a Circular Economy
B-CAP® standard Eco Refills for all markets

Safety, functionality, practicality and the right dose for effective and easy-to-use.

B-CAP® offers a wide range of patented refills for cleaning, cosmetics, supplement food and other markets for liquid or powder products.

B-CAP® are in recyclable plastic or recycled plastic (rPCR) which contributes to the protection of the environment.

Eco refill cap
BCAP® 80/28
Refill cap at-home
BCAP® 55/28
Refill packaging cap
BCAP® 30/28
Eco refill bottle cap
BCAP® 22/28
Refill bottle at-home with caps
BCAP® 8/28
Eco packaging cap at-home
BCAP® 6/28
Eco Refill bottle cap
BCAP® 9/30
Cap to refill packaging at-home
BCAP® 12/24
Innovative Eco Refill for CLOROX

In cooperation with the Clorox Company, based in the USA, B-CAP® developed an original design.

As lead development partner, we were involved from concept design to technical development and industrialisation.

The Clorox refill packaging has a volume perfectly adapted to the efficiency customer's concentrate.

Full Service Partner
Case Study
Original Design
Customization and Brand differentiation

The B-CAP® technology allows a large range of designs adapted to multiple threads, shapes and volumes which perfectly presents the brand and product. We develop the ideal design concept for the respective market.

We have helped brands bring their unique refill ideas. Express your ideas and we do the rest.

Eco Refill B-CAP®
for an instant mixing and
an effective concentration.
Create the future, Be sustainable, Be ahead
B-CAP® Markets

Reach your business objectives

Transform water on demand

Economical and ecological benefits

100% recyclable
100% waterproof
100% conservation

Adapted to every volume
Suits every bottle

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