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Packaging solutions single-use capsules for B2B B-CAP


Our company is entirely focused on the Business to Business sector, developing single-use capsules specifically for their needs.

Our commitment is to focus on consistent quality and to offer environmentally-friendly, recyclable, reliable and perfectly waterproof products to the market.

From design to production

B-CAP is the world leader in packaging solutions for unit dosing technology in liquid and powder dispensers. At the heart of our activity is a passion for innovation, R&D and the production of single-use capsules. To ensure our clients get broad services and to nurture a spirit of long-term partnership, we work with the best suppliers in different sectors. They satisfy the strictest production standards that are an absolute must in different markets.

This is how we can call on industrial powder units that meet the ISO 22000 standards, and liquid units that meet industrial flexibility for very large capacities per year.

Full service and cost control

We can offer a full service and meet any request, from design and development to the production of moulds, from filling and packaging up to shipping of the final product.

The full service can include brand creation, regulatory and packaging advice in segments as varied as food supplements and cleaning products.

We also offer industries a complete service for all cleaning products for your brand: for bathrooms, toilets, windows, multi-purpose, floors and laundry.

As we control the complete production chain we can offer very attractive prices to our clients, enabling them to enter new markets.

Our personalized services

Brands and formulations

Our experience and that of our partners enables us to offer a full service in different fields (cleaning supplies, beverages, cosmetic and food supplements), including regulatory services and the development of specific formulas.

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