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«  A good packaging solution protects the quality of your products. A great packaging solution protects your brand. »


Discover what makes our B-CAPs so unique!


B-CAP is an innovative and patented eco-packaging solution. Our technology is designed and manufactured to ensure the best possible preservation of your products until consumption all the while providing companies with a unique solution to lower the carbon footprint of their products.

Waterproof & Airtight

We know that flexibility and adaptability are key in bringing new concepts to life. This is why our B-CAPs cover a wide range of volumes, from 6 cc to up to 22 cc. No matter the concentration required for our clients’ products, there is a B-CAP for them.

B-CAPs are designed to fit on most universal screwing diameters and formats in order to maximise the compatibility between our technology and our clients products.

And because B-CAP is produced in food-standard plastic, it can contain powders, grains or liquid and is adapted to virtually any application.

Child Resistant & Pharma certified

When designing the B-CAP, we kept in mind the importance of safety in all regards, for businesses and their customers.

Not only are our caps airtight and waterproof, they are also certified for pharmaceutical applications, one of the highest standards, making sure our clients can use our caps for virtually any project.

The easy-to-use solution

We tried to think of all the problems businesses can encounter when looking for packaging solutions, during conception, and once the product is out.

B-CAPs are very accessible for customers. They are an easy-to-use technology, their opening mechanism makes them easy to apprehend for all people, including children, the elderly or people with motor problems.

B-CAP is a one-use solution that can be sold either separately from the bottle, pre-mounted or on pre-filled bottles.

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