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The B-CAP dosing cap for Healthcare

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Healtcare packaging : fill caps for food supplements B-CAP

B-CAP meets the standards of the pharmaceutical sector. It is designed to contain a concentration of active elements while keeping all the nutritional values intact so as to instantly prepare drinks adapted to specific needs.

The capsule is easily screwed onto a bottle of water, releasing its contents in the process. This way standard water can be turned into an active drink precisely when it is used.

B-CAP is perfectly adapted to the needs of all consumers whatever their age or culture – from infants to teenagers, and from adults to the elderly.

B-CAP can be used in different fields such as energy, dietary and health regulating drinks. It works for food supplements for athletes, dieting or drainage…

B-CAP makes having a good health easier to achieve.

0% preservatives, 100% active ingredients preserved

The main problem facing vitamin drinks and drinks with food supplements is the quality preservation of formulas and active elements.

When added to water, vitamins and food supplements immediately start losing their potential. The longer they are in contact with water, the less effective they become.

A vitamin-based drink can lose up to 50% of its effectiveness after a week. The solution to this preservation challenge is to only dilute the factive ingredients when they are needed, at the moment of consumption. B-CAP products can contain active ingredients that will bring 100% of their effectiveness when released into the water.

Because the B-CAP is designed to ensure the highest preservation of your ingredients and because these ingredients are released at the very last moment before consumption, you can be sure to deliver a quality beverage to your customers.

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