Design and ease of use for professionals
and private consumers

Innovative unit dosing and refill cap capsule for cosmetic.

With Unidose B-CAP ®





For cosmetic : b-cap dosing cap dispense liquid and powder

Enable your customers to take care of the environment while taking care of themselves

Products in the field of personal care and cosmetics are often based on complex and sensitive formulas. Not only do they need to be held in packaging solutions that ensure the preservation of their active ingredients, they also need to be functional and come with innovative designs.

Our ability to develop caps for every volume, format and bottle design gives endless possibilities to companies striving to innovate in the personal care and cosmetic markets.

The characteristics and capabilities of B-CAPs make them perfectly suited to ensure the highest preservation of cosmetic products all the while introducing an innovative dispensing technology to their market and customers.

B-CAP offers numerous benefits for the producer, professional user and consumer:

  • Lower ecological impact
  • Better ingredients and product stability
  • Better conservation
  • Reducing preservatives, sometimes even a complete absence of preservatives
  • Financial savings regarding packaging and storage, transport and water consumption
  • Ease of use

Find out which B-CAP is made for you!

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