A nomadic drink for the taste of the day

B-CAP, the refill dosing cap for beverage.

With Unidose  B-CAP ®
power of
active ingredients

Beverage packaging : refill/dosing cap for bottle B-CAP

With so many different beverages on the market it can be hard for customers to choose between quality, taste, functionality and brand engagement, and even harder for companies to position themselves and send the right message.

B-CAP is the new concept for on-the-go drinks that gives your brand all the tools to stand out !

Re-inventing drinking everyday : give your customer the initiative.

Equipped with only a bottle and a selection of his favorite caps, your customer will decide which one is the taste of the moment, his taste of the day. The morning tea or iced coffee break, some refreshing fruit drinks at lunch or a relaxing drink at night; everything can be done with B-CAP capsules. Drinks that are 100% natural with 0% preservatives. There is no limit to the imagination of new flavours and possible new markets.

Be at the side of your customer at all time.

B-CAPs are sold separately from the bottles, their light and small design enabling them to be carried anywhere, giving all the freedom to the customers in choosing when and where to create their drink. Our caps can also be pre-mounted on bottles to create new drink concepts.

Let your customers know you are committed to their well-being by giving them a sustainable alternative.

Because B-CAP is an ecological solution that enables companies to reduce the amount of plastic they use, it is a unique tool to communicate your brands’ commitment. Customers know not only are they consuming a quality product, they are also doing something good for the environment and for themselves.

Find out which B-CAP is made for you!

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