Questions we are frequently asked

What makes the B-CAP such a unique solution on the market ?

Our caps are made of only two parts : the body and the sealing disk, for an easy and safe use of our technology. Both are made of 100% recyclable plastic material. The B-CAP is child resistant and 100% waterproof and airtight.

Our plants are ISO certified.

Can I fill the B-CAP with powder as well as liquid ?

Yes, the B-CAP models have different volume capacities, the easy use of our technology makes it possible to fill the caps with powders, liquids or even grains.

Do you work with all countries ?

Just like the environmental challenges we are tackling with our technology, we are global ! Wherever you are located, we can work together to make your brand more sustainable.

I am interested in buying a finished product using the B-CAP, can you do that ?

Yes, our offers start with the empty B-CAP, we are also able to fill the caps for you with your formulas, develop formulas for you as well as matching packaging solutions. Ultimately we can go as far as finished product and turnkey solutions.

I want to be able to fill and seal the B-CAP myself, what can you propose ?

We have industrial filling equipment available on order that will enable you to fill and seal the B-CAP in full autonomy, do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the equipment and quotes.

How can I be sure the B-CAP is compatible with my primary packaging ?

Our caps are specifically designed to match the most standard bottle diameters worldwide (see ours spec sheets for each cap). The best way to be sure is to test it. Contact us for sample inquiries or send us samples of your packaging, we will gladly accompany you in the testing process.

I am interested in using the B-CAP for a beverage, can I drink through the cap ?

Our current available caps are designed to be used as ecological refill and dosing solutions. One can mix their drink and carry an infinite variety of flavours, but you cannot drink through it.

We are working on a B-CAP model one can drink through as well, give us a shout if you are interested in this technology.

I represent a large group, are you able to follow my complexity and volumes ?

We at B-CAP are proud of our business model that ensures us to be flexible and highly reactive to our clients’ needs, whatever their size and the volume of their orders.

What about prices ?

You will find that our prices are very competitive ! Please get in touch with us and tell us about your project for an accurate quote on our services !

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