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Plastic bottles pollution: impact & solutions

The plastic industry has a continuous growth worldwide since over 50 years.   The plastic industry has a continuous growth worldwide since over 50 years. Plastic attributes like rigidity, strength and flexibility makes it – still today – a choice material. But only 31% of plastics are recycled in US, according to the Trade organization NAPCOR. This considerable use in almost all sectors and industries causes an environmental pollution that already affects our day-to-day lives. Yet smart solutions exist to avoid plastic pollution.       What are the consequences of plastic pollution? Experience it yourself: how many plastic items do you see around you? Impressive isn’t it? Plastic is everywhere and causes great damage to the planet. Taking...

Winter is coming! Our solutions to take care of your well-being and keep a healthy earth.

As we all know, summer is leaving us and winter is coming soon. But it is not a reason to let go! The well-being is something you need to pay attention to in any period of the year and it is the same for the earth, which constantly needs to be treated well. It is now possible to reconcile your own wellness and the health of the planet. 3 tips to take care of yourself without guilt: 1. Look after your health and the health of your beloved ones Our health is the most precious capital we have…with our mother earth. Staying healthy requires an excellent hygiene that we can combine with a gesture for the planet: Be active...

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