What are the benefits of dosing cap technology for traditional household products?

Every day we use detergents for the laundry, the dishes, for cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom or to take care of the floors. Although, do we use too much or not enough household products? This seemingly innocuous question is actually of great importance as a proper dosing is highly recommended to preserve your family, your wallet and the environment. The dosing cap technology might help you in this purpose.

Why is it important to correctly dose household products?

dosing cap b-cap

It is truly recommended to use the correct quantity of detergent. An overdose of your household products will not highlight a cleaner effect but cause a waste of cleaning products. Regarding the washing machine, an overdose will have a negative impact on the environment without any positive effect on the quality of the laundry. Overdosing cleaning products could also leave marks on clothes, on the dishes or the floor. And last but not least, you will over consume your products and uselessly repeat your purchases.

Under dosing will then cause a disappointing and inefficient result. It also might force you to repeat the work and cause loss of time and additional costs for bad quality. Only an optimal dosing of your household products will allow you to get a quality result while reducing the impact on the environment.

What are the benefits of dosing cap technology for your household products?

B-CAP is the unit dosing and refill cap (capsule) that reduce the quantity of plastic, C02 and water.Dosing cap technology, such as B-Cap household cleaning products, simplifies your life with re-usable capsules.  Easy to use, effective, safe and economical (no waste), these caps are respectful of the environmental and societal charter by saving water and energy resources. They are also rechargeable which means environmentally-friendly. In fact, delivering the caps reduces the carbon footprint as 1 truck of caps is equivalent to 18 trucks of cleaning sprays for instance.

The volume, the engineering technology, the solidity and above all the water-tightness are perfectly adapted to ultra-concentrated detergents and cleaning products.

Due to substantial price savings compared to ready-to-use household products, this new packaging concept is revolutionary and offers new ways to leverage growth for industrialists.


How does the dosing cap technology work?

The process is as simple as buying traditional household products on a shop. You simply fill your bottle with tap water and screw a dosing cap recharge (B-Cap recharge) on the top. The content of the cap is instantly poured into the bottle creating a ready-to-use cleaning product.

No water is transported needlessly, only the active concentrate of detergent that will become the final product you will use. There is no need to transport heavy bottle, drums or flasks back home. The dosing cap technology allows to reduce the stocks of packaging for finished products. Factories, shops and you as a final user win. So does the environment.

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