Winter is coming! Our solutions to take care of your well-being and keep a healthy earth.

winter is coming b-capAs we all know, summer is leaving us and winter is coming soon. But it is not a reason to let go! The well-being is something you need to pay attention to in any period of the year and it is the same for the earth, which constantly needs to be treated well. It is now possible to reconcile your own wellness and the health of the planet.

3 tips to take care of yourself without guilt:

1. Look after your health and the health of your beloved ones

Our health is the most precious capital we have…with our mother earth. Staying healthy requires an excellent hygiene that we can combine with a gesture for the planet:

  • Be active at least 30 min per day
    Whatever the sport (running, cycling, swim, shot put…), the important thing is avoiding sedentarity. For instance, if your work is close to your home, why not walk? It is excellent for you, and letting your car in the garage helps to preserve the environment.
  • Adopt a balanced and healthy diet as often as possible
    Moderate your consumption of salt, sugar and saturated fat and give priority to whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. If you buy them from local producers, respecting the seasons, you also prevent from polluting transport.


2. Keep energy: essential in winter

With the days getting shorter, one of the main challenges we face in winter is fighting against tiredness. More and more people opt for vitamin supplements or health regulating drinks to stay full of energy. That is all good. But the main problem facing vitamin drinks is the preservation of the quality and active elements. When added to water, vitamins and food supplements immediately start losing their potential. The longer they are in contact with water, the less effective they become (efficiency loss up to 50% !). To prevent it, the dosing cap technology can be a smart solution :

  • To preserve the benefits of vitamins
    The principle is simple : the capsule is easily screwed onto a bottle of water, releasing its contents at the same time. So the basic water is turned into an active drink precisely when it is used. The B-Cap dosing caps, for instance, contain active ingredients that bring 100% vitamin preserved when released into the water, without any preservative.
  • To preserve the environment
    The dosing caps have a lower ecological impact as they reduce the packaging, storage and transport. No water is transported needlessly, only the active elements that will become your energy drink.


3. Take time for yourself to shine all year long

Well-being starts with a good sleep. And to sleep well, there is nothing better than relaxing activities. Possibilities are numerous: reading an inspiring book, taking a (very) long and hot bath, getting a massage, using a breathing technique or relaxing in a sauna for instance.

To look good, you may also want to take care of your body. Use a gentle cleanser for your skin, find the skincare that works for you and moisturize your skin every day. If needed, do not hesitate to use revitalizing body lotions as well.

But pay attention not to collect beauty products to the point of cluttering your closets. Why? Just because this accumulation of cosmetics contributes to the plastic pollution. Again, the dosing caps can be an alternative to prevent this, as they:

  • are optimized for transportation (18x less trucks on the roads)
  • boast the lowest possible CO2 output
  • are used as a refill cap for concentrated liquids, so reducing the amount of packaging material
  • reduce the transport of water, as the water is only mixed at the point of use.

You would like to try this ecological solution but it is not yet available in your country?

Share this article and speak about the dosing caps to your local businesses. More and more companies rely on our products every day.

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