Dosing Cap Technology: a Green Alternative for Cleaning Products


Liquid soap is part of our everyday life. We often have one detergent for the floors, another one for the oven and yet another for the bathroom. Even when they are ecological, the various products that we store to the point of cluttering our closets are challenging. Their use is also problematic: over- or underdosing the liquid soap has negative effects on environment, health…and our wallet! Discover how the dosing cap technology might be the solution.


What are the negative effect(s) of liquid soap?


For some years, consumers seem to be more aware of the potential danger of liquid soap – or more generally household products. Despite the physical effects of non-optimal dosing of these products like the worsening of floors (parquet, wood, tiles) or the narrowing of clothes,

household products may affect the health of your family, the air inside your house and the environment.

For these reasons, manufacturers turned their innovations to ecological products to reduce the risk of the previous negative effects of liquid soap. Nevertheless, their price might be so high that all consumers cannot afford them.


Another disadvantage is that their use is targeted: one liquid soap for the windows, another one for the floor, yet another for the oven. They are healthy-friendly and a 100% biodegradable but environmentally-spoken some aspects still need to be improved:

b-cap ecological cleaning product

  • The production of their raw materials compete with the cultures intended for food
  • The transport of these raw materials from the other side of the planet contaminates the eco-system
  • Their industrial manufacture also disturbs the environment
  • Their packaging are energy and resources consumers while manufactured.



Anyway, to declare a liquid soap to be ecological, it should be produced by hand with local raw materials, biodegradable and renewable. As it might be difficult to find that kind of household products, what other opportunities actually exist to manage the negative effects of liquid soap?



The dosing-cap technology as an alternative

To avoid the pollution caused by the production, transport and packaging of liquid soap, re-usable capsules might be a good alternative. You simply fill your bottle with tap water and screw a dosing cap recharge (B-Cap recharge) on the top. The content of the cap is instantly poured into the bottle creating a ready-to-use cleaning product. Easy, effective, safe economical (no waste) and last but not least: environmentally-friendly! Indeed, delivering the caps reduces the carbon footprint as 1 truck of caps is equivalent to 18 trucks of liquid soaps. No water is transported needlessly, only the active concentrate of detergent that will become the final product you will use. And for you, it means fewer products to buy, transport and store in the house.

You are interested by this ecological solution but it is not yet available in your country? Share this article and speak about the dosing caps to your local businesses. More and more companies rely on our products every day.

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